This allows me to check the actual product beforehand and make the final purchasing decision. For online only products a detail and careful description is very. Helpful to me and the visual presentation also proves to be important. What to watch out for when it comes to sending an email campaign In the case of email. I perversely think that less is more during this period. Sending messages on a daily basiswith another advent calendar advent calendar card will not fully work in the case of an online store. It can even hurt because a significant part of our messages will be lost among the mishmash of Christmas promotions and offers in our subscriber’s inbox. Which unfortunately may end up with wholesale cleaning and even throwing our messages to spam. And such markings damage the reputation of our sending address.

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Therefore again the basis for me is mindfulness greater personalization appropriate segmentation and remembering that we are also often on the other side. Ewa Nawalaniec Support Team Coordinator How can a company stand out during the holiday season During the holiday season especially Christmas probably every company uses marketing that is bas UK WhatsApp Number List on graphics relat to Santa Claus or Reindeer. In today’s world however this is not enough. It is worth verifying your audience base in terms of customer loyalty. For those who are with us throughout the year which means that they know and trust our brand it is worth offering greater discounts or assistance in choosing personaliz products.

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You should also remember to stand out in email marketing during this special periodby personalizing the title of the campaign or using a preheaderthe first sen BSB Directory tence that the email program will display right after the title so that our message is not lost in the jungle of similar ones. What would you advise companies from the customer’s point of view Where do you like to buy gifts Like most people these days I prefer online shopping. Thanks to this I can calmly familiarize myself with a given product and decide whether its choice will really be a good idea.

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