Relative positioning places an element in a certain position without changing the elements around it. How are colors defin as values? There are a numr of case-sensitive color names that can given as values, such as and . When defining colors, and values are also acceptable. Which property is us to style the border and what value can given to it? Attributes allow developers to define the type of border on all four sides of the element. These styles include dott, dash, solid, etc. Which property is us to give color to the text? We use the attribute to name the color of the text inside the element. The value can a nam color contain in or any or value.

Which property is us

To give color to the background? We use the attribute to name the color of the element’s background.  contain in or any ,  or value. What is an index? Since the axis runs from left to right and the axis runs from top to bottom, there Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Email List is also a front to back axis. Negative numrs can thought of as ing farther away from the user, while larger numrs can thought of as ing closer to the user. What is the overflow property and what are the possible values? The overflow property defines what happens to content that does not fit completely in the browser when load.

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Specifies whether to clip

The content using a value such as to add a scrollbar that accesses the entire page, or to cut off any remaining parts on the render. What are the units? All units are expressions of length in one direction or the other. Thereare many length values such as width, margin BSB directory padding, font size, etc. Each length is follow by a numr or some specifi value as the unit of measurement in the project. Which property can give an element round corners? Attributes allow developers to apply round corners and ges to elements.

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