From a graphic point of view

Generally the choice of a font can be determin by personal taste and style . However it must be taken into account that reading online is different from reading in print on the web you read very little limiting yourself to quickly scrolling through the text in search of essential information. For this reason the readability and immiate understanding of the text must absolutely be the basis of a good web project. To ensure correct use of the contents the choice of fonts to use on your website must be accurate and must take into account distinct nes The brand image you want to convey.

The readability of the page

The integration of the font with the site graphics it is advisable to use different fonts on the same page for example using a Serif for the body of the text for easier reading and a Sans Serif for the title which is more captivating and has greater Colombia TG Number Data visual impact. The important thing is not to create excessive contrast. Even the choice of colors can be an element that makes the difference it is a good idea to set a color that is aesthetically pleasing but not overwhelming which respects the personality of the brand and which contrasts with the background color of the page to make reading easier.

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Three very similar characters

It is also good to remember that not all fonts are free some are cover by copyright therefore it is necessary to purchase the license. How to achieve correct readability To establish the degree of readability of a font it may be useful to Australia WhatsApp Number List use the Il test capital I lowercase e number one . By juxtaposing these it is in fact possible to identify which font allows you to distinguish them best. There are also further factors to consider to ensure that an online text is readable Horizontal spacing It can be fix or proportional with fix each character occupies the same space horizontally while with proportional the width of the character is variable.

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