What is a favicon? First, what is a favicon? Short for favorite icon, also descrid as a shortcut icon, tab icon, or bookmark icon etc., is a small, usually mini logo that you can use on your website. If the browser supports it, it will display icons in the address bar, bookmarks bar, tabs, page history, browsing data, etc.  green square with a capital , as shown in the tab above. A favicon is sav as a file, a file format that saves multiple images at different sizes for scaling. All icons in , from desktop are sav with a file extension of.

Create files in is an

Excellent and flexible graphics iting program for creating custom icons. However, in order to save files with the file extension in , you must download a separate plugin. Fortunately, it’s really easy to do. Step Installing the Plugin Cocos Islands Keeling Email List Popular Lessons You can find the plugin on a website call . You are looking for downloads in the format mark ( icon ), which is available for and . To install the plugin, first make sure is turn off. Unzip the download file and place it in the plugin file format subfolder of the specifi location. Now, when you open , create a new document, click Save As and expand the drop-down menu, Files of type should an option.

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Step Create Your Favicon in

Documents If you’re a professional and able to work within pixels, by all means, go for it! But if you ne more space to work with, you can start with a pixel document BSB directory and shrink down. If you know how all the graphic¬†design and iting features in , you should have no problem designing basic icons. If you don’t know how any palette tool works, you should consider reading it first! Give the course a try, and come back to this tutorial when you’ve come a graphic design master!

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