Disabled Facebook advertising account: How to recover it

There are quite frequent cases of advertisers finding that their Facebook advertising account has been disabl or block. This is link to a possible breach of Facebook’s advertiser policies. It is something that can be quite frustrating. unless you have deliberately broken these policies. Keep in mind that an account suspension can catch you in the middle of an important advertising campaign. and from that moment on. it depends one hundr percent on the decision that Facebook makes in this regard. Click to accept marketing cookies and allow this content Contents 1 Types of Facebook advertising accounts disabl 1.1 Disabling a personal account to manage advertising accounts 1.2 Disabling a specific advertising account

Why can a Facebook Ads account be disabl

Request a review of your advertising account 3.2 2.Report the block to the department 3.3 3.Use the Facebook India Email Data support chat 3.4 4.Analyze the reasons for the suspension 3.5 5.Write an argumentative text 4 A disabl Facebook advertising account is more common than it seems Types of Facebook ad accounts disabl First things first. let’s talk about the main reasons why an account can be suspend. Generally this problem is divid into two categories : reject ads or disabl account . If you’ve receiv an ad disallowance notice . it may be due to a violation. while a disabl account is due to repeat ad violations or very negative comments about your account. Remember that these suspensions can also affect your Instagram ads as everything is manag from the same advertising account as Facebook.

How can you recover your disabl Facebook Ads advertising account

 In short. there are two types of restrictions that you may encounter. The first is that your personal BSB Directory account to manage advertising accounts is disabl. and the second is that a specific advertising account does so. Disabling a personal account to manage advertising accounts In this case. these are restrictions that apply to an advertising account belonging to a business administrator. although if you manage several different accounts. the others will not be affect. The ads are no longer in circulation. and Facebook tells you that you violat one of its policies. Disabling a specific advertising account This restricts the ability to work from your personal account in any advertising account to which you have access. The ad account is still active and the ads continue to run. but you will no longer be able to it.

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