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CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Also known as “ cost per conversion ”, CPA presents the cost of achieving a goal, which could be a sale, filling out a form, subscribing to a newsletter, reading a page, etc. CPL (Cost per Lead) Leads are “the apples of the eye” in Digital Marketing . Its generation can be monitor using the CPA , but, due to its importance, we use a special one for it: the CPL (or cost per lead ). CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) How much a company nes to invest to acquire new customers is the CAC — and the lower it is, the greater the profit.

How many of your leads are turn into buyers.

The conversion rate also points to the efficiency in the integration of Marketing and sales teams when it comes to selling more. If it is low, it is new database an alarm that an in-depth investigation will be necessary to resolve the problem. If the rate rises, profitability comes with it! Churn Churn is an indicator that points to customer cancellation or loss rates across different areas of a company — including Marketing! ROI (Return on Investment) ROI (Return On Investment) is certainly one of the most us metrics in any analysis. It has different methodologies to.

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Complete guide to converting your Leads and optimizing your Sales Website Performance Metrics and Indicators Website performance metrics BSD Directory and indicators will help you track statistics in tools like Google Analytics , for example. Authority Authority is a way of measuring a website’s cribility in the eyes of search engines (such as Google): Domain authority measures the relevance of an entire website; Page authority measures the relevance of pages.

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