You can now reposition and resize individual images so they fit the same canvas size (press ). Once you have the correct size and position, you can click the arrows low each image and choose a delay tween subsequent slides. For the purpose of this animation, I chose a duration of seconds. You can also choose from preset durations, or enter your own by selecting Other The students also learn that you can also choose the order of the images by dragging the individual slides to different positions. There’s another dropdown low the slide that says Once.

This controls how many

Times the animation should repeat. Click to open this menu and choose Forever for an infinitely looping animation. When finish, click the Play button on this toolbar to preview the animation. Confus about this step? Clear your Bahrain Business Email List doubts by learning the basics in this course. Step 1: Saving the Animation In the final step, you’ll save the animation as . The easiest way is to press , or go to File Save As In the pop-up window, select as format. There will a preset menu on it. Choose Dither . There are two points to note here: refers to the numr of colors in . is a low-quality image format. It cannot faithfully reproduce the colors of.

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Its maximum color range

This is color, and is . Therefore, the higher the numr you choose, the tter the quality. But ware: higher quality URLs will also load more slowly.  if you animate with large images on the web. Dithering is a process that ruces banding in gradients. It makes the resulting BSB directory image look tter, but also increases the file size significantly. In the image we us above, dithering is essential. However, for images with some solid colors, it is recommend that you deselect Dithering. Click Save to save the image. Now open it in a web browser and you should see an infinite looping animation.

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