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Mind map colors Of course we are talking about orange black and white Probably some of you will wonder okay what about r . I wouldn’t go too far in that direction. Why First of all this color is easy to overdo both in terms of fear and causing pain in the eyes. And secondly and above all by using r you run the risk of ending up in a SPAM mailbox . Yes spam filters also analyze graphics.

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Halloween newsletter Source Tailor Halloween to your brand not dress up as it In such creations it is easy to forget that they should be consistent with your brand. You think to yourself “Halloween I’m going all the way You change for example the colors or the Kenya WhatsApp Number List tone of the brand’s voice. And suddenly a serious B B company turns into a grotesque bogeyman. Not the way. Remember what your brand is and what you can afford in your case. Example The Ferguson brand in order not to go too far from its role left the colors of its brand and then play with the language a bit and add only one graphic element a pumpkin.

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Ferguson newsletter Source Another good example of matching Halloween with your brand is a mailing from Rover with toys for pets. company newsletter for halloween Source Now that you know the key principles check out these email marketing inspirations . But not only I will show you the most common tricks that are us in them. Show off your Halloween news Because Halloween creations are something we like to see combine the pleasant with the useful. Treat your BSB Directory self to a good time but also inform about new products. The Crate&Barrel brand took this opportunity to show off its Halloween collection . Moreover she play with her tongue.

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