Commissions and Fees for selling on Marketplace

Marketplaces can be a great attraction for retailers who are thinking about promoting their products on the internet but who do not have much capital to invest. However, being aware of the fees and commissions charge is extremely important. Therefore, in this article you will find out what prices each of the Largest Marketplaces charge for you to promote what you are selling within their platforms. How Fees Are Charged The amount charged may vary depending on the Marketplace where the products are being sold. There are two common models currently, sales commissions and fixed fees. Commissions are a percentage of the value generate through sales within the platform. Fixed fees can be a monthly amount or a cost for each sale. Why Rates Vary Marketplace fees may vary according to each policy and business model.

How much do the main Marketplaces in Brazil charge

Knowing how and why these fees are charged, let’s find out how much a retailer needs to pay to place their products on the 6 main Marketplaces in Brazil. *Rates may vary depending on Lebanon Telegram Number Data when you are reading Free market At Mercado Livre the commission for new and used products is similar. However, if the value of the product is below R$79.00 there will be an additional fee of R$5.00 on the sales value of the product. Commission rates vary depending on the product category and can range from 11% to 19%. Check out the full table . Furthermore, product prices must be above R$7.00. For this reason, in advertisements with a value below this figure, it is essential to create kits with other products to add to the average ticket. Shopee.


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This is an interesting option aimed at building loyalty and greater reach

As one of Shopee’s biggest differentiators compared to other Marketplaces are the discount coupons and free shipping. In addition, a prominent Shopee seal is available for those who join this plan. Which directly influences the transparency and trust of your store. To check all the information about Shopee commissioning, just click on this link . Amazon On Amazon there are some plans for you to place your products and sell on the platform, so you can choose the ones that best suit your current situation. In the professional sales plan you will pay a monthly fee of R$19.00 + commission, and you can place more than 10 items for sale. In the individual plan, a fee of R$2.00 per month + commissions is charg. However, you are limited to a maximum of 10 register products.

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