The syariah capital market is one of the directions. That can be accessed by investors and issuers who wish to invest. With sharia land use  who have already right by the ul ama . Therefore, Sharia capital markets can be thought of as a market. That offers appropriate products and financial instruments. With principles and principles of law . 

Pas ar Mod al Syariah has principles that are different from conventional conventions .  The main principle of pas ar mod al syar iah is that there is no usury , buying and selling i which is haram , and prohibits the use of funds for purposes that are not in accordance with sharia .

Therefore,  The products offered in the sharia capital market usually take the form of sharia shares, sharia bonds, sharia mutual funds and sharia derivative instruments.

Sharia shares are shares traded on capital markets 

Therefore,  Sharia shares are usually issued by companies that have implemented sharia principles in their operations. Sharia bonds are financial instruments that allow issuers to borrow funds from investors by rewarding investors with interest regulated by sharia.

Sharia mutual funds are investment products that combine funds from investors to be managed by investment phone number lists managers who have determined investment products in accordance with sharia principles. Therefore,  Sharia derivatives are financial instruments which are contracts between two parties that require payment at a certain time. Sharia derivatives can take the form of currency, commodity or share exchange contracts that are regulated and executed based on sharia principles.

Therefore, A well-known example of a sharia capital market is the indonesian stock exchange (bei). Bei is a stock market that offers financial products that have been adapted to sharia principles.

Bei has set a number of rules that issuers must 

Therefore, Economic benefits: investing in the sharia capital market. Offers the potential for higher profits compared. Therefore,  To investing in the conventional capital market. This is because the sharia capital market prohibits. Investment in instruments that have the potential to give rise to speculation. Therefore, And the purchase of shares that are not in accordance with islamic principles.

Compliance with sharia BSB Directory principles. Therefore, investment in the sharia. Capital market allows investors to comply with sharia principles, such as the prohibition. Of riba (interest), the prohibition of investment in sectors. That are not in accordance with sharia, and the prohibition of speculation. This helps investors to avoid activities. Prohibited by the islamic religion.

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