Say they are more productive work from home on their own schule, but is that really the case? This is a heretical view: we ne to stop try to measure the productivity of knowlge work and focus all our time and energy on measur outcomes.The productivity metric takes the output (emails sent, cases clos) and divides it by the input (active time), then adjusts for tter results by quality (cases reopen). This can to some extent apply to rote everyday tasks that come automat over time. Moreover, these indicators can exploit, and people will utilize them even includ buy mouse shakers. As I wrote, productivity has always en a good way to measure the impact of machines and capital. That’s never

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Impact Topics Workplace, Teams, and Culture Cultural Organizational Behavior Performance Management Work-Life Balance Work: The Big Shift MIT Symposium explores how organizations are respond to the changes brought on by the pandemic. MORE IN THIS SERIES ABOUT The author is executive leader and co-founder of the Forum for the Future, a research-driven consortium Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List help senior executives around the world reimagine how people, processes, and tools Dialogue improves work. The Future Forum is a partnership tween , , Tomorrow Management Leadership and . He is the co-author of How the Future Works: Lead Flexible Teams to the Best Work of Your Life ( , ). Tags: Organization CultureEmployee.

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