The day of the book is coming. Book sales are a specific category and not every store can easily take advantage of the opportunity to make a promotional campaign for such products. However if you offer any type of book including paid e books guides planners childrens books manuals or cookbooks you can take advantage of the upcoming. World Book Day . Promotions for widely understood literature during the period of April is a very good idea. You can even combine them with the May weekend offering customers to buy books for the upcoming relaxation under the pear tree.

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Good e commerce practice SMS sells great If you have a database of phone. Numbers obtain from current and potential customers use it! It is an additional valuable communication channel supporting e mail campaigns. Remember that SMS has a fairly small character limit and you ne to be brief about your message. Be sure to include a shorten link to save some Australia School Email Lists precious quota and be able to introduce yourself and encourage action. More tips on effective SMS campaigns can be found in our guide . ecommerce promotion Use transactional emails Ultimately each e commerce campaign in practice should end with generating sales . We wish you this with all our hearts and at the same time we remind you conversion sales is not everything! It is essential that the shopping experience and service after it are polish.

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The customer will then return to your store in the future. One of the methods for building long term relationships is the AMI and SMTP transactional emails we offer . List of activities for spring e commerce promotions in practice Take care of sending e BSB Directory mails and SMS. Match products for May and Easter. If you have the opportunity also take advantage of World Book Day. Add a spring or holiday touch to your packaging. Make it clear to buy with a limit time offer. Refresh and refine transactional emails.

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