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The Vision behind Visualtime The current work scenario is marked by new expectations and ways of working, such as hybrid work, work flexibility and. A balance between personal and professional life. Marina Ierace , Director of the Human Capital Management (HCM) business unit of Cegid in Latin. America, pointed out at the Cegid that Cegid’s mission is to collaborate with companies. In the design of the future of work, promoting processes HR and promoting digital transformation.

Connections HR LATAM 2023 event

One Tool, Multiple Benefits Cegid Visualtime is not only presented as a solution, but as a platform to take companies to the next UK WhatsApp Number Data  level in their management. Santiago Solanas , CEO of Cegid for Iberia, Latin America and. Portuguese-speaking Africa, highlighted the importance of having reliable technological tools for the effective and employee. Away papers  experience. Conclusion The launch of Cegid Visualtime marks a before and after in labor management in Latin America. Organizations that adopt this solution will position themselves at the forefront of change, adapting to current.

Transformation of talent management

Needs and responding effectively to the demands of modern talent. As was well discussed at the annual Cegid Connections. HR LATAM 2023 event, in times of constant evolution, having the right technological ally is essential. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn  Spain WhatsApp Number List Pinterest WhatsApp E-Mail Javier Dia.  I am a young entrepreneur passionate about technology, education and business. Business and Entrepreneurship Blogger, creator.  Away papers of Emprendices, Co-founder of Net Masters and. Entrepreneurship Teacher. Home » News » Cegid launches «Visualtime» in Latin America:

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