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How to Write an Article on LinkedIn (Complete Guide) Written by Laura Gil on December 25, 2023 Did you know that writing articles on LinkedIn is a very good tool to make yourself known? Unlike the usual posts , short and quick publications that are usually shared with the network of contacts, the articles are more elaborate and look more like a blog or a web page. With its preparation you will be able to acquire the status of expert. in your community and expand your network of contacts . Furthermore, on LinkedIn you can have a repository of the content created and which will be stored for an unlimited time, so that you can share it with your contacts or publicly whenever you want, achieving greater visibility of your work. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

We recommend that you upload an image

I definitely recommend incorporating a cover image into your content as it is a more attractive call to action for your readers to interact Indonesia Phone Number Data with it. Additionally, as an extra option, you can add the credits and legend below the image with a small text that provides a little prior information to the content. The next thing to keep ARTICLES Innovation  in mind is the title of your article. Click on “title” and enter the title you have thought of for your content. The truism is that the more attractive it is, regardless of the theme, the easier it will be for people to click on it.

Drafting your article is the only way

If you are a big fan of emojis, you can also incorporate them here. Before publishing in the top tab, below your profile photo, click on “Post to anyone” and you will see a drop-down menu with. the following options: How to write an article on Switzerland Phone Number List  LinkedIn Among them you can choose where you want your article ARTICLES Innovation  to be published, whether inside or outside LinkedIn and also disable the option to. leave comments on your published articles. Finally, if you want to share your article either with your personal network or on another social network, you can click “Copy link” and you will get the URL.

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