Post information on the website place cards at the checkout. And take care of the appropriate setting. Add a free gift It doesn’t have to be a big deal the mere fact that we’ve includ something free already soothes the reward center in our brain. Even if it would be a small cookie always something Of course you can also make a small card with a paper calendar for the whole year we are talking about a small card a notebook a key chain.

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Anything that will pay off for you and be consistent with your brand. Inform about friendly return policy We often think what if I miss the gift . We want to make sure that we don’t spend money down the drain. That is why it is worth informing during the holiday Iran WhatsApp Number List season that in our store it is possible to return goods free of charge without giving any reason. Provide free delivery Do you sell online Great Provide free delivery during the holiday season for a limit time of course. Of course you can run a courier for PLN from a given amountwhen shopping for PLN in your store.

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Start on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday Contrary to appearances people like to do their Christmas shopping early. Whether it’s for gifts or home decorations. Therefore it is best to start the promotion on the biggest sales dayBlack Friday. You can then give away discount codes when shopping valid until the end of the year. Be inform in your purchase confir BSB Directory mation email that the holiday sale is about to start. And most importantly collect the appropriate consent to be able to send mailings Organize an event When Christmas is coming it is worth thinking about not organizing an event that you will combine with a Christmas sale. You can for example prepare a lecture about your products or services. If you sell food make an appointment with a nutritionist.

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