Forms of public communication. Have experience in activating and managing professional communities/networks consisting of thousands of people. Flexible in communicating extensively in English both. Written and verbal, and capable of using these skills . Both in reaching young users and building professional relationships with high-level and senior clients and partners. Have a good literacy level, have a hobby of reading and make reading activities a primary need in daily life. Have good analytical skills. Proficient in analyzing text and numerical data (in any format), then able to explain it back to the audience simply, both verbally and in writing. Expert users in using the following applications optimally: word processing (google docs/word processor), number processing (excel/spreadsheet), presentations (slides/powerpoint), and surveys.

Are preferred Team player fast

learner, can work productively and optimally independently, has high self-learning skills, even in the context of remote reporting, is able to adapt and be flexible with working hours that are not just office hours. and has high fighting power in working on very demanding projects Not currently studying, but if you are just waiting for graduation, it is permissible. Tech-savvy. Dicoding is ws database an online training/education company and partners with global companies: Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others. Understand data privacy, Personally Identifiable Information and can respect the privacy of each stakeholder. Understand and implement health protocols related to COVID-19 including social distancing. Having been vaccinated is a plus. Can speak English actively or proven by TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS scores.

Domiciled in Bandung and surrounding

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Areas or willing to move to Bandung. Working WFO Shifting (during PPKM) / Full-WFO (post PPKM) Provision This vacancy is full time and professional (not an academic internship). Having an English certificate (TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS) is a plus. Active experience in the field of journalism, managing personal blogs, writing pages (medium, for example), and website BSB Directory content, will be highly preferred. Job Description Activate and manage professional networks/communities for the strategic interests of the program and company Design and manage databases and monitor talent’s social media. In this way, we are able to find interesting stories and write them into inspiring and moving feature stories for mass.

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