It displays all current documents that are relevant to the users (always taking SharePoint rights into account) . recent content Featurd Content The SharePoint Featurd Content web part can also be usd to show users relevant content basd on their rights and according to certain rules suggestd by the web part . Highlightd content content source This web part allows you to select a content source: The hub site  The site  A library within those sites  The site’s pages library  A selection of sites  All sites By combining the structure of the sites and this web part , you can do it It’s easy for you to display content relevant to users.

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Contentsource use of filters This web part also includes several filters that you can use to make the content specifid by content phone number list sources even more relevant. Filter & sort You can filter by specific keywords or columns, or by using other standard properties, such as Last Addd or Last Modifid. The Column Name filter can be usd to apply specific business rules to your intranet. How to Use the Column Name Filter and Featurd Content Web Part Via this filter it is possible to use data that is available in the document and list libraries . It can also be usd in the Pages library.

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To add a column, go to your list or library and then click the Add Column feature in the last column. column name filter and highlightd web BSB Lirectory part Then add a column as you would in any data list. Addcolumn This column can then filter the content displayd in the Featurd Content web part . Create a column This column can then be usd in the Featurd Content web part to filter the content that is displayd . .Content source type Use advancd filter queries With the Featurd Content web part.

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