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Allow them the case of aid grant in the maritime transport sector. The aid intensity may be increase to % of the eligible costs when the following conditions are met. Training participants are not active crew members, but additional crew members; and the training is conduct on board ships register. In the EU registers. Eligible costs Eligible costs of training assistance include: employment costs of lecturers per hours of participation in the training. Operating costs of lecturers and training participants directly. Relate to the training project, including, among others: travel costs, materials directly relate to the project.

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Depreciation of tools and equipment to the extent that they are use exclusively for the project; costs of consultancy services relate to the project; trainees’ staff costs and general indirect costs (including administrative costs, rent, overheads) incur for the Photo Retouching hours during which trainees participate in the training. Eligible costs do not include accommodation costs, except for the minimum necessary accommodation costs for participants who are disable workers. The financial condition of the company in the process of obtaining EU subsidies Share What does it mean that a company is in a difficult situation and how does it affect the possibility of benefiting from EU subsidies.

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Obtaining financial support from EU Funds for investment or research and development projects requires the entrepreneur to meet certain requirements. Of decisive importance among them is a positive assessment of indicators relate to the BSB Directory financial situation of a given enterprise, such as profitability, financial liquidity, turnover and debt . To receive support from EU funds, a company must be in a favorable financial situation . This is not surprising, since grants are mainly intend for projects that contribute to the economic development of a region or country. Therefore, obtaining support for an enterprise in financial difficulty is seriously difficult or even impossible.

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