Algorithms tell us other users graduates

Above all, however, he focuses on the topic of LinkedIn social selling. In this article, we will tell you how to actively join the LinkedIn ecosystem. How to build your network of contacts and how to invite to be accepted. It’s time to start, we are starting to work with LinkedIn social selling When our personal profile is ready and fully completed, when we feel that our virtual business card is sufficient, we can think about expanding the group of our contacts on LinkedIn. At the outset, however, it is worth emphasizing that quantity does not always mean quality.

A Brand Visual Identification System

The portal’s algorithms strongly promote and improve the positioning of people with more contacts, + , but the trick is to have a group of friends with whom we are able to establish professional or business relationships in the future , LinkedIn social selling. We encourage you to be moderate, to actively expand your database network of contacts, but to do it reasonably and think about future benefits. We present ways to actively hiss your friends on the portal. Way to make friends Source LinkedIn LinkedIn regularly prepares for us an import from the address book to which we have an account. It is worth clicking on this option from time to time and checking who we can invite to contacts.


Marketing Supports Sales Processes

These are people with whom we have already had some email interaction. We also don’t have to invite everyone, you can only choose selected ones from the proposed list. There is one hook. We care about business contacts, and most often our accounts are connected to private mailboxes. On the other hand, private mailboxes may contain contacts to recruiters, which , if we focus on professional development, is worth using and inviting them. Way to make BSB Directory friends A little known but nevertheless very useful search function is Alumni  of our university.

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