There are many different ways to create watermarks. One of them is turning text into a paintbrush. To do this, first crop the image to the size of the text: Watermark Now we ne to turn this image into a brush. Go to it Define Brush Preset. In the dialog box that pops up, specify a unique name for the watermark brush, and click OK . Watermark Your image is now a brush, and you can use the brush tool to paint watermarks. Adding a watermark to an image Now open the image that nes to watermark.

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Using this image: Watermark Select the Brush Tool Brush , then scroll down from the Brush Presets menu and select the preset you just creat. Popular Lessons Brush Tool You will now see the brush cursor change to a watermark Bolivia Business Email List image. fore creating a watermark, you have to change the brush color. It is tter to use black or white, but I personally prefer white. Color Now all you have to do is click once where you want your watermark like this: Umi Photography But wait this doesn’t look good, does it? That’s cause we didn’t change the opacity of the brush.   the brush properties menu bar will give us a nice watermark effect. Overlay Click the mouse on the image. The effect is now more pleasing.

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Congratulations you have successfully

creat your watermark! Want to create more complex image effects? Check out this tutorial on creating a vampire in ! But what if you want one of the graphic watermarks circulating the internet? The processis simple, as follows: Create a watermark pattern in Follow the BSB directory steps given above for and . But instead of cropping the text. Do the following: Rotate the text by degrees Press and drag the corner of the text until it is skew by about degrees. You can also enter under Angle in the transform toolbox the top. Pattern Your text should now look like.

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