A network of private websites

A network of private What is the content that gets the most links from competitors or people who are competitive in my niche? They do not necessarily need to be directly overlapping businesses. Look, look at what’s the most shared content socially, on this website, on this blog, on this research, on this market leader, whoever it is, and then do it better, oh, that’s beautiful. And while you’re doing that, I think it’s worth checking out, Hey, who’s linking to the interesting content that this site produces? Therefore, there is value in mining this way. There used to be a practice where people would build sometimes.

Networks known as link rings

Known as link farms. Or they build public , link circuses, and blog carnivals. I remember Blog Carnival wasn’t always spammy, but then was used in a very Phone Number Database spammy way for SEO. Web links to those websites, the new approach is to build a social network, build a social network that actually consists of influencers, people who can link to you, linkers, people who have websites and people who have websites. Having a presence on, , can influence other people, which will make people pay attention to you. If you build this.

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What is done for you today

Much more will be accomplished than. So I’m not saying that all previous link building strategies are gone. Of course some still exist. I mean, catalog Whatsapp Number content, there might be some curated lists that still make sense. But in general, Google is trying to end the practice of link building and update the practice of link earning. I think that’s why you’re seeing so much embracing content marketing. And I think that shift is going to happen even more dramatically in the next to months. So if you’re ahead of the curve now, you’ll be in a good position next year.


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