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Poorly shown however it can completely spoil the main message and make our brand poorly remember. How to avoid it First choose the right type of font . We distinguish serif this is the one that contains embellishments around the letters sans serif as the name suggests these are letters without frills monospace these are handwritten fonts. The select font must match the character of your brand. Sheriff is associat with more traditional and luxurious. On the other hand sans serif modern. Advice from the author When it comes to graphic design I have found many times that the second type turns out to be the most readable.

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Personally I like to use monospace fonts in projects but be careful with them. It is best to use them on very short text because they are the least legible. However they are wonderfully able to reflect the character of the brand. Now let’s get back to the topic of readability . As you probably know it’s not just the name of the font that matters here. You also ne to Venezuela WhatsApp Number List pay attention to the distance between the letters distance between lines of text it is recommend to use a spacing of . more than the font size length of the text line it should be up to characters with spaces and of course hierarchy which will be discuss in a moment.

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Advice from the author To avoid chaos in the graphics use fonts from the same family for example. Only change the stylefrom bold to normal . Alignment Alignment includes hierarchy balance the rhythm of all graphics and much more. Items should never be thrown around on their own they must always have their place. Especially when it comes to text. Center align BSB Directory ments Left alignment Mix alignment Space White space or negative space is simply empty space that you leave between various design elements graphics or text. Always appreciate her. It allows you to strengthen the message and mark where the most crucial information is locat.

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